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Sustainability assessment of urban policy scenarios: analysing the impacts of land use-transportation interaction in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area

Sofía Campo


The purpose of this paper is to analyse the impacts of future urban policy scenarios in the Lisbon region with the support of the Land Use and Transportation Impact Assessment integrated modelling framework for Lisbon (LUTIA-Lx). Three policy scenarios are analysed: (i) a business as usual scenario, consisting of minimum policy controls; (ii) a medium impact control scenario which builds on the propositions of national and regional policies; and (iii) a high impact control scenario which builds on strict urban development controls together with higher levels of service of public transportation and of soft modes infrastructures, and on benefits for cleaner vehicles and car usage taxation. It is concluded that achieving sustainability in the Lisbon region calls for: the implementation of integrative land use and transport policies; the stimulation of the use of public transportation and of soft modes; and for the conversion of the private car fleet.

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