Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Urbanismo ecológico, ¿sueño o pesadilla?

Fernando Gaja i Díaz


The weakening of the word “Sustainable Urbanism” has given way to the use of other terms such as “Ecourbanism”. In the text we discuss the basis of valid Ecological Urbanism, one that fulfils the challenges derived from the Ecological Crisis and the Depletion of raw materials. Neither the “cosmetic” choice, nor the “technological” one, not even the “environmentalist” option are real alternatives for the construction of long lasting urban models. Assuming that finiteness is the central concept of an ecological system, and considering the balance of a decade of real estate boom in Spain, proposals on a short, medium and long terms are formulated, agreeing that Ecourbanism will not be anymore a daydream, but a survival strategy.

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