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Procesos sociales y desarrollo sostenible: un ámbito de aplicación para el análisis de redes sociales complejas

Sergi Lozano Pérez


The objective of this work is to highlight the potentialities of applying tools, concepts and methodologies that are commonly used in the study of complex networks (Science of the Networks) to analyze certain social aspects of Sustainable Development (paying special attention to those ones related to social organization). In order to reach this goal, a three-step procedure has been followed: First, playing up the role of social aspects in general, and the social organization in particular, within SD; Second, indicating how concepts and methodological tools borrowed from the Science of Networks can contribute to the analysis of these aspects; and finally, presenting particular examples of application focused on three social processes related to SD: Human cooperation, the resilience of local and regional economic systems, and social cohesion.

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