Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Teletrabajo y la inclusión laboral de personas con discapacidad

Cristian Salazar C.


A general panorama is presented on how remote working can significantly aid to the professional insertion of disabled persons. The goal of this study is assessing the feasibility of remote work for handicapped persons.
More specifically, the main competences will be identified in the persons, disabled to some degree, who are willing to work. Also the study will look for the main reasons for work discrimination. In order to begin this research, the PRELIMINARY results of a huge poll will be presented: “Remote work as a contribution to the professional inclusion of educated disabled people in Chile”, and a discussion will take place on how these results can contribute to hiring handicapped remote workers. One of the main conclusions is that ITT oriented to hiring disabled people must try to satisfy both social and commercial necessities and must have the support from the whole community.

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