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Proposta metodològica per a l’anàlisi de la sostenibilitat urbana, utilitzant indicadors i índexs, implementats i analitzats amb un sistema de suport a la decisió

Bàrbara Sureda Carbonell, José Juan de Felipe Blanch


Modern cities are characterised by progressive population growth in limited physical spaces. This growth raises many problems, including lack of self-containment of cities, spatial segregation of heterogeneous population sectors and the collapse of transport infrastructures.
The aim of this paper is to facilitate the analysis of a system’s sustainability. It examines a particular urban system and puts forward a methodology for analysing the sustainability of urban systems.
The methodology proposed is based on a conceptual framework (sustainable development concept, urban systems considered as being inherently complex, and with high level of uncertainty) and a review of existing tools for measuring and modelling sustainability. The result is a process based on a set of tools (models, correlations between variables, indicators, indices and future scenarios) that can be used to analyse urban systems characterised by specific problems and to define strategies and policies for achieving sustainable development in these systems.

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