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Strategies to connect and integrate urban planning and environmental planning through focusing on sustainability: case study of Cheongju City, Korea

Yong Un Ban


This study has intended to find strategies which connect and integrate urban planning and environmental conservation planning through acquiring sustainability applied to Cheongju City, a local government of Korea. To overcome inefficiency happened during the process of urban and environmental planning practice in Korea, it is necessary to find strategies to integrate both planning practices through focusing on 'sustainable urban development.' This study, therefore,
has suggested to make 'sustainable city development law' for national level and 'sustainable urban development ordinance' for local level, and provided the process and contents of the 'sustainable urban development planning' based on the suggested law and the ordinance, so that
unmatched planning period of both plans could be adjusted (for 20 years), and the overlapped contents could be removed through identifying future goal of sustainable development.

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