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Estimación económica de las principales deseconomías presentes en el Gran Área Metropolitana (GAM) de Costa Rica

Marco Otoya Chavarría


The Great Metropolitan Area (GMA) of Costa Rica it has experienced a series of transformations in its structure and composition. This is reflected in a series of changes generated to internal it of the GAM, in relation to the dynamics of the population growth, changes in its productive structure and the use of the geographic space. These transformations have generated positive benefits for the GMA, nevertheless; also they have developed a series of negative elements, given the degree of saturation of the city due to the ordering and planning absence of the agreed territory to the reality. In reason to the previous observation, the GMA has in the last years characterized by the lack of suitable road infrastructure and efficient public transport, increase in the citizen insecurity, deficiency of recreational spaces and plots mainly green in the capital, an increase in the contamination of the air, the ground and the hydro resource. The combination of these characteristics motivates companies and people to incur a series of costs that are increased with time and that influence of the first ones, include within the incremental prices of its products, goods and services, costs by Traffic jams in the city, traffic accidents, etc; and the seconds, must support these costs. In this context, one looks for to analyze and to value which are the more important externalities of the presents in the GMA.

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