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Identificación de áreas de manejo crítico de la tierra : propuesta metodológica para áreas metropolitanas, a partir de la GAM, Costa Rica

Fernando Sáenz-Segura, Keynor Ruiz, Suyen Alonso Ubieta, Randall Arce


The style of development followed by the agricultural and tourism sectors in a given area starts with a global analysis of their economic, institutional and spatial dynamics and the consequent impact on land use. Starting with the definition of a study area, this methodological approach aims to identify, locate and geo-reference the main agricultural and eco-tourism activities, followed by an socioeconomic analysis of the dynamics and development trends of both sectors. The location and categorization of land use are defined, linked to and economic ranking of main economic activities. A first profile of the labor market in the study zone is also provided. The methodology yielded useful information of critical land use areas, which can be used to feed bio-economic models, show possible scenarios and future trends, and help in the formulation of regulatory and protection plans.

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