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A construção dos direitos das mulheres na conquista de seu espaço

Tania Angelita Iora


This article reflects on the historical evolution of the social rights of women and labor in Brazil, based on the analysis of the development of this growing participation in modern society, its prominent role necessary in all spheres of society. It focuses on the development of the relationship between the proposals offered by the legislation and the effectiveness of the consolidation of the same, showing that policies for women are in fact policies in the quest for equality. Seeks to show the size of the social totality, historicity and contradictions of the movement of women's issues by the differences of legislation applied to each gender. The purpose of this article is to analyze the evolution of these rights over time, addressing the issue in a way that contributes to the understanding of women's rights
progression and its adaptations forward the current demands. The theoreticalmethodological approach is characterized as a descriptive/analytical study supported by documentary and bibliographic sources.

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