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Se vende o alquila isla: la búsqueda del lugar singular para el turista global

Angélica Ayala de la Hoz


This paper makes a conceptual approach to the smallest and amphibian spaces scattered
in the Caribbean sea, and around the world; small Islands or islets that are today
touristic destinations or real state products. These are insular territories that evoke to
recent colonial times and are traced by European, African and Caribbean cultures.
These Little Islands offer a return to individual touristic practices; they propose a
reflection about their value as landscape, and as space-territory-home simultaneously.
Other insular and amphibian places show evidence of their precariousness, poverty,
and show failure in management because of distance and smallness. Paradise pieces,
that have been forgotten between the sky and the sea, and are close to disappearing
into the climate change scenario.

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