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Cuándo, por qué y para qué la eduación intercultural. Discursos y praxis de la educación intercultural

María García-Cano Torrico, Esther Márquez Lepe, Belén Agrela Romero


This article analyse, from an anthropological perspective, the coordination experience of an European project on intercultural education titled CLIEC (Cooperative Learning in European Contexts). The thoughts we are putting forward here related on the different actions realized in this project have the object of, on the one hand, systematizing the diverse motives and activities proposed. And, on the other hand, contributing to the current theoretical debate on how the intercultural notion is being constructed and managed into the Education scope. For getting it, we have shown an special interest on the challenge and re-formulation of the fundamentals are holding the intercultural education intervention in the Spanish context. In this way, the authors are drawing on the discourses and practices defined in the name of interculturality in order to cross-examine on the when, why and what for of the Intercultural Education in the classroom.

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