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Mesocoelopus pectinicornis n. sp. de Mesocoelopodinae y nuevas citas de Anobiidae para la República de Sudáfrica (Coleoptera)

Amador Viñolas, Glòria Masó


Following with the study of the Anobiidae from the collections of Transvaal Museum of Pretoria, a new species of Mesocoelopodinae, Mesocoelopus pectinicornis sp. n., is described. The distribution range of Dryophilinae, Homopthalmus rufithorax (Pic, 1912) is extended. Hemimesothes wendleri Español, 1968 (Mesocoelopodinae) and Methemus pauliani (Pic, 1953) (Dorcatominae) are mentioned for the first time in South Africa.

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