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A description of a new species of the genus Promesomachilis from Spain (Insecta : Microcoryphia)

Carmen Bach de Roca, Pietro Paolo Fanciulli, Miguel Gaju-Ricart, Rafael Molero-Baltanás


A new Microcoryphian species is described from southern Spain. The new species belongs to the genus Promesomachilis and is named P. intermedia n. sp. because of the presence of intermediate characteristics in comparison with the other two species of the genus. The main features of the new species are: male maxillary palp with a field of spiralized setae on the ventral side of articles II-V, some setae also on article VI; second article of the male labial palp without a process on its distal part, though a little protuberant; labial palp also lacks a field of specialized setae, which are present in the two other species; each female gonapophysis with only 14-16 annuli, the lowest number ever found in the genus. The main feature that allow us to distinguish the three species is the presence of a sensorial field on femur II and III. In P. intermedia it is on the outer part of the femur, whereas in the other two species it is different.

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