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Valoración rápida de la biodiversidad en cayos al sureste de la Ciénaga de Zapata (Cuba)

Rafael Borroto Páez, Miriam Labrada Pons, Carlos A. Mancina, Ramona Oviedo


We carried out a rapid assessment of the biodiversity in some keys and adjacent coastal zones Southeast Ciénaga de Zapata Biosphere Reserve. This area constitutes an important biodiverse zone of Cuba and the Caribbean region. In order to prepare an inventory of its flora and fauna (especially terrestrial vertebrates), two expeditions of six and nine days were done between January and March of 2004. We detected 165 species of flowering plants (10 endemic taxa), belonging to 133 genus and 64 families. As for vertebrates, we observed 61 species (8 endemic species): 5 mammals (including an invasive species, Rattus rattus), 42 birds, 13 reptiles, and one freshwater teleost species. The impacts that are affecting the biodiversity of the zone are commented. This information will be useful to elaborate possible plans of management and conservation of this protected area.

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