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Systematics of the narrow endemic species Brimeura duvigneaudii (Hyacinthaceae)

Llorenç Sáez


We carried out a morphological study of Brimeura duvigneaudii (Hyacinthaceae), a narrow endemic species limited to northeastern Mallorca (Balearic Islands). Morphological analyses showed noticeably variability which is correlated with geographic distribution and some ecological factors. These data led us to propose a new subspecies of Brimeura duvigneaudii, which is described from the middle range of Serra de Tramuntana. The new taxon (Brimeura duvigneaudii subsp. occultata) differs from B. duvigneaudii subsp. duvigneaudii in several vegetative (leaf anatomy and leaf width) and flower features (corolla size, corolla lobe length and shape, scape length). Data on the local distribution and ecology of the new taxon are reported. The new subspecies is restricted to a karst gorge and it is in danger of extinction, due to its small population size. In adition, controversial taxonomy of Brimeura amethystina and B. fontqueri (= B. amethystina subsp. fontqueri) is clarified, and they are confirmed as synonyms on the basis of morphological analyses.

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