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Listado de especies de Copestylum Macquart (Diptera : Syrphidae) de áreas naturales de Colombia

Claudia Ximena Restrepo-Ortiz, Nancy Carrejo


In order to understand and identify Copestylum (Diptera: Syrphidae) species in Colombia, reviewed a total of 538 adult specimens of this genus, from the Project «Diversidad de insectos de Colombia», led by the Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt (IAvH). We found 58 species, of which 44 are new records for Colombia and 14 are new species. Copestylum gender in this sample was recorded in 18 departments; the department of Huila showed the greatest number of species (19 species) and Risaralda presented the highest abundance with 89 specimens. He recorded 5 to 3660 m. s. n. m. C. vagum had the widest distribution, was found in 10 departments, and C. virescens was the most abundant species with 106 specimens. This paper shows a taxonomic list of species found by referring to the location, altitude and collecting site.

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