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Los anóbidos de los arroyos Valdeinfierno y Jaral, Los Barrios, Cádiz, Parque Natural de los Alcornocales (Coleoptera)

Amador Viñolas, Antonio Verdugo


In the Parque Natural de los Alcornocales two campaigns of sampling for the study of his beetles have been realised on the part of the second author, during years 2008-2009. The collecting area has centered in the streams Valdeinfierno and Jaral in Los Barrios, Cadiz. Of the captured units they emphasize the anobids ones, besides other groups that commented in a next note, by the variety of species and the interest of some of them for the Iberian Peninsula. Gastrallus mauritanicus, Español, 1963 is mentioned for the first time of the Peninsula, only well-known until the present of North Africa. Data are accompanied on the biology of the species and their areas of distribution.

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