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Los cinípidos mexicanos no asociados a encinos (Hymenoptera : Cynipidae), perspectivas de estudio

Juli Pujade-Villar, Armando Equihua-Martínez, Edith. G. Estrada-Venegas, Palmira Ros-Farré


This is the second contribution of the authors to the knowledge of the Cynipidae in Mexico. The only Aylacini species cited for Mexico, Aylax rufipes (Cameron, 1884), is transferred to the family Figitidae as Myrtopsen rufipes (Cameron, 1884) n. comb. The possibility of finding native or invasive species of Aylacini in Mexico is discussed. Concerning the inquiline cynipids, included in the Synergini, the species richness of Synergus, Saphonecrus and Ceroptres is far from being well known, with only two Synergus species cited; Periclistus is an inquiline genus absent in Mexico due to the absence of the host galls; which belong to the Diplolepidini. Lastly, even if the tribes Diplolepidini, Eschatocerini and Pediaspidini have never been cited, their possible presence is discussed.

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