Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Enseñanza de Lengua para Fines Específicos a través de Aventuras Gráficas

Ricardo Casañ Pitarch


The use of videogames for educational purposes seems to increasingly be in the eye of teachers and publishers of didactic materials. Videogames can be a great support for language learners since they increase their time of exposure in an entertaining way. This research is a literature review which focuses on supporting language for specific purposes (LSP) students with graphic adventure videogames. This paper introduces theories of LSP teaching and learning combined with the characteristics of educational videogames with the aim of describing the needs to be considered when developing LSP videogames. In this sense, these videogames should be designed and adapted to particular professions related to the communication purposes of the target language. This proposal is addressed to LSP teaching professionals as well as for publishers of didactic materials.

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