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Jogos digitais como estratégia de ensino-aprendizagem no ensino superior. A construção e aplicação do jogo “Renascença” na disciplina de literatura = Digital games as a strategy for learning. Designing the game "Renascença" for the subject of literature

Romero Araújo de Medeiros, Raniella Lima, Denise Silva, Luis Paulo Mercado


This study proposes a teaching strategy based on learning with digital games, to provide an active method for higher education, in which students are also involved in the teaching-learning process. From this perspective, ICTs should be used as a resource to make classes more dynamic and interactive. The purpose of games practice is that the student can develop competencies and useful skills for non-academic settings, in addition to learning the specific content of the lesson. Another important aspect in the use of digital games is students’ involvement and pleasure in playing, learning obliquely, without necessarily worrying about content. This literature class for the Bachelor of Arts degree course, which is taught using a game entitled “Renascença”, created by the team, had positive results, because the students were interested, excited and successfully learnt the contents.

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