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Formação docente para inclusão de games na educação básica: relato de uma experiência = Training teachers for inclusion of games in basic education: an experience report

Ana Cristina Nunes Gomes Müller, Dulce Márcia Cruz


Teacher training for media culture is crucial these days, especially as digital media, and particularly electronic games, define and are an integral part of the lives of children and young people inside and outside the school environment. However, even if they are part of this culture, teachers face many obstacles to including this medium in their teaching practice. In Brazil, few courses train teachers on how to include electronic games in school. To reduce this gap, this paper analyzes a proposal for training basic education teachers, based on the proposal of teaching multiliteracies. The results show that, when playing or reflecting in a guided way on electronic games, and sharing practices and reflections with the group, teachers can go beyond the functional user, and begin to understand the different texts and technologies (as direction makers) and understand and think about what was learned in new ways (as critical analysts and transformers).

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