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Jogos eletrônicos, redes sociais e dispositivos móveis: reflexões para os espaços educativos = Digital games, social networks and mobile devices: considerations for educational spaces

Isa de Jesus Coutinho, Patrícia Rocha Rodrigues, Lynn Alves


The effectiveness of student interactions with social networks, instant messaging software, and digital games during school activities has become a common debate among researchers, teachers and school coordinators. In the context of these concerns, the school seems to be faced with a major challenge, as students require playful learning spaces in which they can engage, immerse themselves and enjoy learning. This paper aims to present and discuss the possibilities of digital technologies inside the classroom, and their potential in the construction of knowledge. The purpose is not to offer a manual, or create recipes for success, but reflect on the various ways of teaching and learning, in line with the challenges of a “connected” student.

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