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Wasteland Beautiful : o estatuto ontológico da imagem nos mundos tridimensionais dos games

Luis Carlos Petry, Thiago Sanches Costa, Alexandre Vieira da Silva, Gabriel Cavalcanti Marques, Marcel Casarini,


The paper presents the concept of the digital image in games as the result of
an artistic process, digital and personified in the figure of the craftsman, which
focuses its activity on a make-believe. The article is located within a proposed
phenomenological thought that seeks to show the ontological structure that
underlies the work with digital images and drawing / painting / color / dash /
form in target quality, considering the production of games. Shows that the
ontological contexts outlined are present unintentionally in public displays of
development teams, analyzing and illustrating two exemplary examples in
which the game chasing a homoiosis produced in relation to digital and
historical tradition. Culminates in the defense of a research on the artistic production in games coupled with production processes and understanding
games as an art form that speaks to today's man.

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