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La imagen en el diseño: una iconicidad virtual para una finalidad real (entre la finalidad comunicativa y la artisticidad configurativa)

Wenceslao Rambla Zaragozá


Before what nowadays supposes the digital culture, the author analyses how this is related with the design discipline. So, the author studies the notions of “real” and “virtual”, among others, as well as their application in the art field and the design; specially focusing in the side of graphic design –though without forgetting the objetual (product design)– due to its great link with plastic arts. Professor Rambla stops before deep considerations –leaning on right opinions and focuses of different experts– about what today implies the interactivityamong subjects “on both sides of the screen” in the time of creation and reconsideration of art and design works. Peculiar tour de force in which we could find the possible justification of a new concept: “expansive utilitarianism”, an argument field fertilized by concepts such as interface, immateriality, Sachlichkeit, etc., feeding the critical thoughts that his research displays, and demonstrating how design –despite its undeniable conceptual character– always demands a landing on a real world, then although its genuine being is concept (project), its shaping to finish in the real (object) perfectly can occur in its “digital being”.

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