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A multi-granular linguistic model to evaluate the suitability of installing an ERP system

Pedro José Sánchez, Luís G. Pérez, Francisco Mata, Antonio Gabriel López Herrera


The use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has shown clearly useful and economically profitable in most very large organizations which manage
a great deal of data in their information systems. Nevertheless, the decision of installing an ERP system is not easy and it depends on the size, future profits and other features of the companies. The assessments of the parameters (features, aspects) used to evaluate the suitability of the ERP may be vague and imprecise because they are usually perceptions of the experts. We propose the use of linguistic information to assess these parameters due to
the fact that it is very suitable to model and manage human perceptions. In addition, it may be that each expert has a different knowledge about each parameter and prefers to express his/her preferences in his/her own linguistic term set. Therefore, to manage the evaluation problem of installing an ERP, in this contribution we present a multi-granular linguistic evaluation model that covers these necessities.

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