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Majority multiplicative ordered weighting geometric operators and their use in the aggregation of multiplicative preference relations

José Ignacio Peláez, Jesús Maria Doña, Alejandro Mesas


In this paper, we introduced the majority multiplicative ordered weighted
geometric (MM-OWG) operator and its properties. This is a general type of
the aggregate dependent weights which we have applied in geometric environment.
The MM-OWG operator is based on the OWG operators and on the
majority operators. We provide the MM-OWG operators to aggregate in a
multiplicative environment, i.e. when it’s necessary to aggregate information
given on a ratio scale. Therefore, it allows us to incorporate the concept of
majority in problems where the information is provided using a ratio scale.
Its properties are studied and an application for multicriteria decision making
problems with multiplicative preference relations is presented.

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