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Formalization of provenes fuzzy functional depandency in fuzzy databases

Nedžad Dukić, Zikrija Avdagić


In this paper we establish equivalence between a theory of fuzzy functional
dependences and a fragment of fuzzy logic. We give a way to interpret fuzzy
functional dependences as formulas in fuzzy logic. This goal is realized in
a few steps. Truth assignment of attributes is defined in terms of closeness
between two tuples in a fuzzy relation. A corresponding fuzzy formula is
associated to a fuzzy functional dependence. It is proved that if a relation
satisfies a fuzzy functional dependence, then the corresponding fuzzy formula
is satisfied and vice verse. Finally, equivalence of a fuzzy formulas and a
set fuzzy functional dependence is demonstrated. Thus we are in position to
apply the rule of resolution from fuzzy logic, while calculating fuzzy functional

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