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Fuzzy controller applications in stand-alone photovoltaic systems

Joaquín Cañada Bago, Sebastián García Galán, Jorge Aguilera García, Juan Ramón Velasco Pérez, Luis Magdalena Layos


One of foremost problems in stand-alone photovoltaic systems consists on the
election of a strategy for charge controllers. The charge controllers main
function is the accumulation system protection, and this leads to an extension
of the batteries lifetime, thus reducing, the long term economic cost of the
installation. This document describes a Fuzzy Logic based charge controller.
In order to show the designed charge controller operation, firstly, a
succession of simulations have been carried out to try out the mentioned
controller efficiency. Afterwards, the designed charge controller has been used
on a real target system to control the charge and discharge processes of a
battery in a real stand-alone photovoltaic system, that is installed, on the
flat roof of the E.P.S. Jaén of the University of Jaén (Spain). Finally,
comparative operation results of the fuzzy charge controller developed are
exposed in this document.

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