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Generation of fuzzy mathematical morphologies

Pedro Burillo López, Noé Frago Paños, Ramón Fuentes-González


Fuzzy Mathematical Morphology aims to extend the binary morphological operators to grey-level images. In
order to define the basic morphological operations fuzzy erosion, dilation, opening and closing, we introduce a
general method based upon fuzzy implication and inclusion grade operators, including as particular case, other ones
existing in related literature
In the definition of fuzzy erosion and dilation we use several fuzzy implications (Annexe A, Table of fuzzy
implications), the paper includes a study on their practical effects on digital image processing. We also present some
graphic examples of erosion and dilation with three different structuring elements $B(i, j)=1$, $B(i, j)=0.7$, $B(i, j)=0.4$, $i, j \in \{ 1,2, 3\}$ and various fuzzy implications.

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