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A multi-agent system based on fuzzy logic applied to RoboCup's enviroment

Eugenio Aguirre Molina, Juan Carlos Gámez, Antonio González Muñoz


Artificial Intelligent has been applied successfully to many and
varied domains. In particular, the recent steps forward which are
been producing in the development of dynamic, collaborative, real
time and adversarial multi-agent environments are very
interesting. In this work, we carry out a proposal, which uses a
soccer robot simulator, called TeamBots, that simulates the
``RoboCup Small'', involved into the ``RoboCup World
Championship''. The objective is to bring a team into operation,
even though, this team initially only has available the basic
behaviours needed to be operative and able to participate in a
championship with other teams. So, we are proposed ourselves the
development of the complete team, and subsequently in the future
to go improving its capabilities and possibilities. In this work,
we show the team's design in broad outlines, and we explain in
detail the strategy of game for the different players, displaying
moreover a part of the experimentation that has been carried out
to state the correct operation of the team.

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