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(┬,┴,N) Fuzzy logic

Y. Xu, J. Liu, Da Ruan


To investigate more reasonable fuzzy reasoning model in expert
systems as well as more effective logical circuit in fuzzy
control, a $(\top, \bot, N)$ fuzzy logic is proposed in this paper
by using $\top$-norm, $\bot$-norm and pseudo-complement $N$ as
the logical connectives. Two aspects are discussed: (1) some
concepts of ($\top, \bot, N)$ fuzzy logic are introduced and some
properties of ($\top, \bot, N)$ fuzzy logical formulae are
discussed. (2) $G$-fuzzy truth (falsity) of $(\top, \bot, N)$
fuzzy logical formulae are investigated and also the relation
between the Boolean truth (falsity) of $\bot$-normal forms
($\top$-normal forms) and the $G$-fuzzy truth (falsity) of them

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