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The embedding if the formal concept analysis inte the L-fuzzy concept theory

Ana Burusco Juandeaburre, Ramón Fuentes-González


In this work, we study the relation between the concept lattice of
Wille ([5], [6]) and
the $L-Fuzzy$ concept lattice ([2]) developed by us.
To do it, we have defined an application $g$ that associates
to each concept of Wille an $L-Fuzzy$ concept. The main point of this
work is to
prove that if we are working with a crisp relation between an object set and an
attribute set, the concept lattice of Wille is a sublattice of the
$L-Fuzzy$ concept

At the end, we show a typical example in the formal concept theory where we have
constructed the $L-Fuzzy$ concept lattice.

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