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Didactical note: probabilistic conditionality in a Boolean algebra

Enric Trillas i Gay, Claudi Alsina i Català, Settimo Termini


This note deals with two logical topics and concerns Boolean Algebras from an elementary point of view. First we consider the class of operations on a Boolean Algebra that can be used for modelling ``If-then propositions. These operations, or Conditionals, are characterized under the hypothesis that they only obey to the Modus Ponens-Inequality, and it is shown that only six of them are boolean two-place functions. Is the Conditional Probability the Probability of a Conditional? This problem will be only considered, with the Material Conditional Operation, on a Boolean Algebra endowed with a finite probability and in three different cases: with the Internal-Conditional Probability, with the External-Conditional Probability and with both the External-Conditional and the ``a priori probabilities. It is shown when and how the problem can have some solution.

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