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Joan Roís de Corella, Lamentació de Mirra, de Narciso, de Píramus i Tisbe: edizione critica

Annamaria Annicchiarico


This contribution is a partial anticipation of the integral critical edition of the mythological faules of Joan Roís de Corella (XV century) for Barcino (ENC). It derives from the need to revise the textual situation of the most representative faula of the initial Corellan narrative phase, namely Lamentació de Mirra, de Narciso, de Píramus i Tisbe, and to propose, where necessary, new textual lessons. It consists of an introductory section followed by a new edition of the text with its critical and complementary apparatuses. In the introduction, essential information is at first provided on the manuscripts’ tradition and previous editions of the Lamentacions, otherwise known as Lo jardí de amor, with reference to the few existing papers specifically dedicated to it. Then, reflections on the diegetic and semantic coherence of the Corellan narration follow, by inspecting on why the author combines and how he amalgams the three myths, and focusing on the traits of the faula’s autonomy from Ovidian (or neo-Ovidian) formulation of the three stories. This new edition of the faula is accompanied by footnotes, where questions related to the constitutio textus are discussed in detail.


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