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Discourse markers and lecture structure: their role in listening comprehension and EMI lecturer training

María Ángeles Martín del Pozo


Listening comprehension of lectures in L2 contexts are a widely researched topic. Findings have been applied to materials and course design. This paper centers on findings about the facilitative role in comprehension of those discourse markers which signal lecture structure. These markers can also be of assistance in L2 contexts such as the new English Medium Instruction (EMI) scenarios, where the lecturer is not a native speaker of English. A small scale investigation about the presence of these markers in EMI lecturer discourse is presented. Findings indicate that lecturers need a more overt signaling of lecture phases and a wider stylistic variety to do so. The paper concludes suggesting that those EAP materials for training students in listening comprehension could be a good resource to provide lecturer with a repertoire of linguistic tools to structure their lecturers and in consequence facilitate comprehension for students.

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