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Els 30 articles més consultats al 2012

A simulation-enhanced lean design process
Jon H. Marvel, Charles R. Standridge
Profile and competences of Spanish industrial engineers in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
Juan A. Marin-Garcia, José Pedro García Sabater, Cristobal Miralles, Alejandro Rodríguez Villalobos
Project-based learning used for teaching electrical installations and lighting installations in architecture
Alicia Martínez Anton, Nuria Castilla Cabanes, Rosa Pastor Villa, Vicente Blanca Giménez
Analysis of gender differences in the perception of properties: an application for differential semantics
Mª Carmen Llinares Millán, Alvaro Page
Impact of Six Sigma in a developing economy: analysis on benefits drawn by Indian industries
Darshak A. Desai, Mulchand B. Patel
Modelling healthcare internal service supply chains for the analysis of medication delivery errors and amplification effects
Banafsheh Behzad, Reinaldo J. Moraga, Shi-Jie (Gary) Chen
Pragmatic evaluation of the Toyota Production System (TPS) analysis procedure for problem solving with entry-level nurses
Lukasz Maciej Mazur, Shi-Jie (Gary) Chen, Barbara Prescott
Which competitive advantages can firms really obtain from ISO14001 certification?
Josefina L. Murillo-Luna, Juan C. Ramón-Solans-Prat
Relationship between the components of product/service quality and the customers' emotions and satisfaction
Gavriel Meirovich, Nisreen Bahnan
The employee satisfaction in metalworking manufacturing: How do organizational culture and organizational learning capacity jointly affect it?
Bulent Aydin, Adnan Ceylan
Adaptation of coordination mechanisms to network structures
Herwig Mittermayer, Carlos Rodríguez Monroy
Assessing the impact on optimal production capacities in a closed-loop logistics system of the assumption that returns are stochastically independent of sales
Ernest Benedito Benet, Albert Corominas Subias
Application of a concept development process to evaluate process layout designs using value stream mapping and simulation
Ki-Young Jeong, Don T. Phillips
A methodological approach for designing and sequencing product families in Reconfigurable Disassembly Systems
Ignacio Eguia, Sebastian Lozano, Jesus Racero, Fernando Guerrero
Application of root cause analysis in improvement of product quality and productivity
Kumar, Anjani Dalgobind Mahto
Remanufacturing in automotive industry: challenges and limitations
Paulina Golinska, Arkadiusz Kawa
Basic principle for the solution of the building evacuation problem
Salvador Casadesús Pursals, Federico Garriga Garzón
JIEM: A new exciting journey into the research of industrial engineering and management
Vicenç Fernández Alarcón, Pep Simó, J. M. (José María) Sallán Leyes, Mihaela Enache
Reverse Logistics: RFID the key to optimality
Rezwan Asif
Comparison of heuristics for an economic lot scheduling problem with deliberated coproduction
Pilar I. Vidal-Carreras, José Pedro García Sabater
Enhancing quality of vocational training outcome to satisfy the labor market demands in Kuwait by using Quality Function Deployment method (QFD)
Riyadh Mohammed Ali Hamza
A feasibility study of the implementation of total quality management based on soft factor
Arash Shahin, Reza Dabestani
AHP approach for supplier evaluation and selection in a steel manufacturing company
Farzad Tahriri, M. Rasid Osman, Aidy Ali, Rosnah Mohd Yusuff, Alireza Esfandiary
The roles of communication process for an effective lean manufacturing implementation
Perumal Puvanasvaran, Hamdan Megat, Tang Sai Hong, Muhamad Mohd. Razali
Exploring technology acceptance for mobile services
Kenny Phan, Tugrul Daim
Towards reducing traffic congestion using cooperative adaptive cruise control on a freeway with a ramp
Georges Arnaout, Shannon Bowling
A collaborative knowledge management framework for supply chains: a UML-based model approach
Jorge Esteban Hernández, Raúl Poler Escoto, Josefa Mula, David Peidro
Variations in the efficiency of a mathematical programming solver according to the order of the constraints in the model
Rafael Pastor
Evaluation of industrial engineering students' competencies for process improvement in hospitals
Lukasz Maciej Mazur
Special Issue: new trends in Process Simulation and Modeling
Jose L. Salmeron

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