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Els 30 articles més consultats al 2010

Profile and competences of Spanish industrial engineers in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
Juan A. Marin-Garcia, José Pedro García Sabater, Cristobal Miralles, Alejandro Rodríguez Villalobos
JIEM: A new exciting journey into the research of industrial engineering and management
Vicenç Fernández Alarcón, Pep Simó, J. M. (José María) Sallán Leyes, Mihaela Enache
AHP approach for supplier evaluation and selection in a steel manufacturing company
Farzad Tahriri, M. Rasid Osman, Aidy Ali, Rosnah Mohd Yusuff, Alireza Esfandiary
Application of root cause analysis in improvement of product quality and productivity
Kumar, Anjani Dalgobind Mahto
A collaborative knowledge management framework for supply chains: a UML-based model approach
Jorge Esteban Hernández, Raúl Poler Escoto, Josefa Mula, David Peidro
The employee satisfaction in metalworking manufacturing: How do organizational culture and organizational learning capacity jointly affect it?
Bulent Aydin, Adnan Ceylan
Variations in the efficiency of a mathematical programming solver according to the order of the constraints in the model
Rafael Pastor
Analysis of gender differences in the perception of properties: an application for differential semantics
Mª Carmen Llinares Millán, Alvaro Page
Optimal priority ordering in PHP production of multiple part-types in a failure-prone machine
Ana Mª Sánchez Granados, Albert Corominas Subias, Rafael Pastor
First year reflections: basic guidelines and future directions
Pep Simó, Mihaela Enache, J. M. (José María) Sallán Leyes, Vicenç Fernández Alarcón
Adaptation of coordination mechanisms to network structures
Herwig Mittermayer, Carlos Rodríguez Monroy
Bibliometric study of the reverse salient concept
Ozgur Dedehayir
Successive duopoly under moral hazard: Will incentive contracts persist?
Marta Fernández Olmos, Jorge Rosell Martínez, Manuel Antonio Espitia Escuer, Luz María Marín Vinuesa
The roles of communication process for an effective lean manufacturing implementation
Perumal Puvanasvaran, Hamdan Megat, Tang Sai Hong, Muhamad Mohd. Razali
Mentoring program and its impact on individuals' advancement in the Malaysian context
Azman Ismail, Muhammad Madi Bin Abdullah, Sebastian K. Francis
Vendor managed forecasting: A case study of small enterprise
Atul Borade, Satish Bansod
Which competitive advantages can firms really obtain from ISO14001 certification?
Josefina L. Murillo-Luna, Juan C. Ramón-Solans-Prat
Fuzzy containers allocation problem in maritime terminal
Seyed-Mohammad Seyed-Hosseini, K. Khalili Damghani
A logistic approximation to the cumulative normal distribution
Shannon Raye Bowling, Mohammad T. Khasawneh, Sittichai Kaewkuekool, Byung Rae Cho
Pragmatic evaluation of the Toyota Production System (TPS) analysis procedure for problem solving with entry-level nurses
Lukasz Maciej Mazur, Shi-Jie (Gary) Chen, Barbara Prescott
Basic principle for the solution of the building evacuation problem
Salvador Casadesús Pursals, Federico Garriga Garzón
IDEF method-based simulation model design and development
Ki-Young Jeong, Lei Wu, Jae-Dong Hong
Competitive universities need to internationalize learning: perspectives from three European universities
Ana Maria Lara, Keith Stuart, Jan Karpe, Heide Faeskorn-Woyke, Raúl Poler Escoto, Rafael Brotons
How to diagnose equal opportunities between women and men in organizations
Amaia Lusa García, Carme Martínez Costa, Maria Dolors Calvet Puig, Olga Pons, Marta Tura
Progress in airline distribution systems: the threat of new entrants to incumbent players
Athina Sismanidou, Miguel Palacios, Javier Tafur
Special Issue: International Conference on �??Management of Technologies - Step to Sustainable Production', MOTSP2010, Rovinj, 2010
Predrag Cosic
Sustainable operations management: A typological approach
Lawrence Michael Corbett
Determination of risk identification process employed by NHS for a PFI hospital project in the UK
F. E. Mohamed Ghazali, Shahid Kabir
Comparison of heuristics for an economic lot scheduling problem with deliberated coproduction
Pilar I. Vidal-Carreras, José Pedro García Sabater
The �??Open Innovation�?� paradigm: A contingency perspective
Marko T. Torkkeli, Carl Joachim Kock, Pekka A. S. Salmi

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