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Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

ISSN electrònic: 2013-0953

ISSN paper: 2013-8423

Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management és una revista científica semestral en accés obert. Publica articles teòrics i empírics revisats que contribueixen a avançar en la comprensió dels fenòmens relacionats amb tots els aspectes de l'enginyeria industrial i la gestió industrial.

2018: Vol.: 11 Núm.: 1


Increasing the Efficiency and Productivity in the Production of Low Voltage Switchboard Using Resource Constrained Project Scheduling
Hendy Tannady, Yona Maimury
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Barriers to ISO 9001 Implementation in Moroccan Organizations: Empirical Study
Noussaiba Bounabri, Ahmed Amine El Oumri, Elmadani Saad, Latifa Zerrouk, Amina Ibnlfass
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Safety Disconnect: Analysis of the Role of Labor Experience and Safety Training on Work Safety Perceptions
Esteban Miguel Lafuente González, Jesús Abad Puente, Yancy Vaillant
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Contribution to the Logistic Evaluation System in the Transportation Process in Santo Domingo, Ecuador
Rodobaldo Martínez Vivar, Alexander Sánchez Rodríguez, Reyner Pérez Campdesuñer, Gelmar García Vidal
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Identification And Classification of Behavioural Indicators to Assess Innovation Competence
María José Pérez-Peñalver, Lourdes E. Aznar-Mas, Begoña Montero Fleta
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The Project Scheduling Problem with Non-Deterministic Activities Duration: A Literature Review
Nestor Raul Ortiz Pimiento, F. Javier Diaz-Serna
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Empirical Study on the Integrated Management System in Algerian Companies
Samiya Benyettou, Megnounif Abdellatif
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Evaluation of Pull Production Control Strategies Under Uncertainty: An Integrated Fuzzy Ahp-Topsis Approach
Aydin M. Torkabadi, Rene V. Mayorga
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