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Involving older people in the design of an innovative technological system promoting active aging: the Saapho project

Sara Doménech, Jesica Rivero, Laura Coll Planas, Fausto J. Sainz, Alenka Reissner, Felip Miralles


Active Ageing refers to the optimization process in health, social engagement, and security opportunities as people age. The demand to introduce technology to improve older people’s quality of life is progressively increasing. The objective of the SAAPHO project is to support Active Aging by assisting older people to participate in society, preserving their independence and dignity through the application of innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)-based solutions. SAAPHO creates a usable system that covers health, safety and social needs of end-users taking into account their preferences in the design of the system behaviour and architecture. Questionnaires and focus groups were run during the product design early stages to guarantee this. After completing the first year prototype, controlled sessions using the SAAPHO platform were performed with older people to study its usability. This article presents the general results of older people’s participation in the design of SAAPHO system after completing the first year prototype.

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