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An innovative solution based on human-computer interaction to support cognitive rehabilitation

José M. Cogollor, Matteo Pastorino, Javier Rojo, Alessio Fioravanti, Alan Wing, Maria Teresa Arredondo, Manuel Ferre, Jose Breñosa, Joachim Hermsdörfer, Javier de Teresa, Clare Walton, Andrew Worthington, Christos Giachritsis


This contribution focuses its objective in describing the design
and implementation of an innovative system to provide cognitive
rehabilitation. People who will take advantage of this platform suffer from a
post-stroke disease called Apraxia and Action Disorganisation Syndrome
(AADS). The platform has been integrated at Universidad Politécnica de
Madrid and tries to reduce the stay in hospital or rehabilitation center by
supporting self-rehabilitation at home. So, the system acts as an intelligent
machine that guides patients while executing Activities of Daily Living (ADL),
Journal of Accessibility and Design for All
(CC) JACCES, 2014 - 4(3): 238-254. ISSN: 2013-7087
J. M. Cogollor, M. Pastorino, J. Rojo, A. Fioravanti, A. Wing, M. T. Arredondo, M. Ferre, J.
Breñosa, J. Hermsdörfer, J. De Teresa, C. Walton, A. Worthington, C. Giachritsis  239
such as preparing a simple tea, by informing them about the errors
committed and possible actions to correct them. A short introduction to
other works related to stroke, patients to work with, how the system works
and how it is implemented are provided in the document. Finally, some
relevant information from experiment made with healthy people for
technical validation is also shown.

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