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Virtual reality in rehabilitation: WIITM as an occupational therapy tool in patients with spinal cord injuries

Marta Pérez Seco, Belén Gómez Saldaña, Almudena Redondo Sastre, Mª Jesús García Carpintero


The use of virtual reality has gained importance in the rehabilitation
sector over the last few years. The Wii™ console complements traditional
treatment by exercising the motor skills in a motivating context, which is
important in long-term interventions, such as spinal cord injury.
Objectives: to describe our work with the Wii™ console and the different support
products used in occupational therapy at the Fundación del Lesionado Medular,
and to discuss advantages and disadvantages.
Method: 63 patients with spinal cord injury (of whom 46 with quadriplegia and 17
with paraplegia), treated over the period of one year in weekly 30-minute
Results: motor-skill improvements, more involvement of the patients in the
Conclusion: the features of the console and the support products created by our
department make the Wii™ accessible to patients, increase their motivation and
enrich the treatment.

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