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Design and evaluation of an intergenerational gaming platform for cognitive stimulation

Sonia García, Víctor Peláez, Roberto González, Luis Ángel San Martín, Vanesa Lobato, Enrique Pérez Sáez, Mireia Tofiño García


Cognitive stimulation therapies based on games are commonly
used nowadays in care centers for people suffering from Alzheimer's or other
cognitive diseases. Although users usually like the proposed games, they are
not motivated enough to play willingly on a regular basis. This work presents
a novel game platform for cognitive stimulation that introduces the factor of
intergenerational interaction in order to increase user’s motivation towards
playing. This work tries to involve patient’s relatives in the gaming
experience by including the use of social networks. The presented gaming
platform has been designed, implemented and evaluated with real patients,
proving its technical feasibility and usability. Evaluation results and
practitioners’ experience show that the gaming platform will be more
suitable for patients suffering from a mild level of cognitive disease.

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