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An accessible interface for programming an assistive robot

Juan G. Victores, Sergio Morante, Alberto Jardón Huete, Carlos Balaguer


In this paper, we present an accessible interface in the context of
our work on bringing advanced robotics closer to everyday domestic users.
This interface allows inexperienced users to be capable of programming an
assistive robotic arm to perform a specific desired task in a household
environment. The programming process is performed through the developed
Web Browsable interface, within which a Task Creator Wizard plays an
essential role. The robot's open architecture enables flexible multi-modal
interaction. In addition to the touch buttons provided by the Web Browsable
interface when presented on a touch screen, voice commands and the use of
the Wii RemoteTM controller for intuitive robotic movement have also been
enabled. The Web Browsable interface has been designed to provide high
accessibility while taking aesthetic details into account, in order to prevent
distraction caused by boredom of the user.

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