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Assessment of the accessibility legislation in Spain and its effective application

Jesús Hernández-Galán, María de la de la Fuente Robles


The existence of legislation on accessibility does not always imply
it is enforced effectively. This article aims to answer the following question:
Is the existence of accessibility legislation enough to make physical
environments truly accessible?
This study assesses the current Spanish legislation as well as any existing
voluntary regulations in the country. This assessment is done chronologically,
so as to show the historical evolution of the accessibility regulations in
In order to determine whether accessibility legislation has been truly
effectively enforced, the issue is studied as it affects Spanish municipalities
with respect to urban planning, public buildings, public transportation and
The conclusion of this study is that the existence of accessibility legislation
per se is not enough to ensure its practical application, and ultimately, to
render physical environments, products and services accessible to the
majority of the population regardless of their functional capabilities.

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