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Benefit comparison of captioned online courses for american, international, and deaf/hard of hearing students: from the viewpoint of individual value and total value

Manako Yabe


This study evaluated benefits toward Captioned Online Courses (COC) among American, International, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing students from two California universities. As a result, COC were not just viewed as accommodations for DHH students, but also as providing benefits for American and International students. Study results indicated that international students showed higher individual value for COC than the other groups, while American students had the smallest individual value but presented the larger total value toward COC than the other groups due to their comprising the largest population at both universities. The aggregate total value for all groups was approximately $2,000,000.00, which would represent the cost of conducting 370 classes at the lowest price of $2.00 per minute. These results indicate the possibility of expanding future COC as Universal Design model for postsecondary educational institutions.

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