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Impact of accessibility barriers on the mood of users with motor and dexterity impairments

Afra Pascual, Mireia Ribera, Toni Granollers


With the aim of knowing the impact of accessibility problems on persons with motor impairments, we did a user test with this user group. The focus of the test was the analysis of a user’s mood relative to different accessibility barriers comparing two parallel web pages: an accessible one and a non-accessible one. The study identified web forms and Flash elements as the most important aspects for this kind of users. On the one hand these elements are useful to users, and on the other, they raise many accessibility issues. The analysis of results indicate that persons with severe motor impairments are more efficient and effective interacting with web pages, than users with mild motor impairments; a possible explanation for this would be that they use technical aids adapted to their needs while users with mild impairments use standard devices.

Overall, users had a positive mood while navigating the accessible web site, and were more negative when interacting with the non-accessible web site. Our investigation contributes to a better understanding of users with motor impairments confronting accessibility barriers.

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