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Predictive system text entry controlled by accelerometer with any body part

Isabel Gómez, Pablo Anaya, Rafael Cabrera, Octavio Rivera, Alberto Molina


This paper presents an update of DasherUS, a predictive text system controlled by an accelerometer. The DasherUS software can be installed in any computer and it becomes faster with its use. Thanks to the calibration procedure included, user can put the sensor on any part of the body and, in a few steps, the system is able to adapt to the user mobility. In contrast to the previous version, the text can be now sent to any application that is running at the same moment of using DasherUS, without replacing any other application the user likes to utilize. Other improvements of the system will help us to polish DasherUS much better, carrying us closer to our objective: the guarantee that no one will be deprived of the right to express what feels any time anywhere.

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