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L'Edipo dei Mille (M. Munaro): atreverte a una iniciación mistérica

Natalia Palomar


Those who enter L?Edipo dei Mille. Tragedia dei sensi per uno spettatore
know that they will be blindfolded; it is the single blindfold spettatore who,
led by a small group of actors, will be acting as Oedipus. This way M. Munaro
redirects Sophocles? tragedy to another pattern of Greek ritual drama,
that of Eleusinian Mysteries. In this paper we analyse the most significant
coincidences: both the spettatore and the initiated make a personal choice
which requires certain preliminary rites and which involves a journey in the
dark. The spettatore, as well as the μύστης, lives a true experience that provides
him or her with access to a decisive understanding; furthermore he/
she is guided by an affectionate mystagogus, the angelo. Finally, in both
cases the experience is recognized as a gift, and silence is respected as necessary.

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