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Greek de Steven Berkoff (1980): l'arriscada conversió de l'Èdip rei de Sòfocles en una love story

Pau Gilabert Barberà


Can Sophocles Oedipus Rex be transformed into a love story, as seen in Steven
Berkoffs Greek? While some critics read Greek simply as a provocative
drama that by no means aims to justify incest, directors, actors and critics in
the end become enthralled by the powerful love story that ensues between
Eddy and his wife and mother. This would demonstrate that Berkoffs adaptation,
meant to illustrate the social degradation of Great Britain in the 1980s,
becomes a quite risky proposition, as it implies a flat denial of the tragic
awareness of contemporary men and women. However, if this is the case,
readers and audience, apart from the undoubted pleasure they take in the
performance of Greek, may wonder, even from a non-fundamentalist perspective
within the classical tradition, whether it is sensible to take inspiration
from Sophocles text, which shows precisely the great tragic awareness
of the Greeks.

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