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Quan les paraules no mouen a compassió. Tragèdia, dansa i gestualitat a la novel·la d'Aquil·les Taci (III 10-11)

Roser Homar


Following the tradition of studies in ancient Greek novel where dramatic elements
and various existing theatrical displays in the imperial era are studied,
in this paper are largely commented the references to pantomime and tragedy
that appear in chapters 10 and 11 of the third book of Leucippe and Clitophon.
The relevant passage is also important because it anticipates the sacrifice
scene, clearly mimic, of Leucippe (III book, chapters 14 and 15). Unlike
the sacrificial scene, this monologue of Clitophon contains specific lexicon of
pantomime and a reflection, although condensed and less explicit, on this
dramatic genre, its function and utility. This reflection is very close to that we
find more developed in other works, especially in The Dance of Lucian of
Samosata. For this reason, other texts which refer to the same issues about
pantomime and tragedy are quoted.

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